I recently visited Bangalore after one-and-a-half years. Yes, it has changed. Two things that immediately caught my attention was – pollution and traffic. Pollution has increased, traffic has worsened. If Bangalore doesn’t wakes up now, very soon they could be challenging Kanpur in terms of pollution. I think they already hold the title for most chaotic traffic – “Traffic Discipline? is a Greek phrase for them.

Just the other day, when I and my friend Rishab were driving to the BDA office I was frustated at the state of roads there. I pride myself in being an excellent biker – my yamaha and I become one when we take on the roads. But that day, howsoever hard I tried, I couldn’t manage to keep my yam from getting into the numerous potholes dotting the road. I said to Rishab, “Shit man! Do you call this a road? You only have potholes all over them.? “Concentrate Ani?, my friend offered his advice, “There is road between the potholes!?

Ok, about the good things. It was great visiting my previous company Techspan India. They have grown – now with three offices in Bangalore. The one on Cunningham road is really beautiful. But nothing more nostalgic than the good old Raheja Chancory, where I had worked for two years. My timing could’nt have been worse though – most of my friends were onsite – Aditya Ravi Shankar, Mahajan, Sreedhar and Deepak, so I couldn’t meet them. Though I did get a chance to talk to Vinay and Karan, my former colleagues.

The best part was meeting up with my good old friends from IIT, Vishal and Ajit Jain, after such a long time. Biking to Vishal’s place in Ulsoor on that rainy night was an experience to remember. I was drenched by the time I reached there. The hot coffee tasted even better. It was a really after long time, that I got a chance to bike around in the rains. I just luv it!

Though I wanted to catch up with the other IIT gang as well – Anshuman, Manav-Swati and the newly married Prakash and Ritu, but couldn’t do so coz of tight schedules. Meeting up newly married Priyank and Vaishali was great. Seriously Priyank, if I had a just little more time I would have certainly enjoyed the fruit salad Vaishali had made.