I received a promotional email from ICICI Bank. It enumerated the benefits of using online banking at their portal – no queues, fast transactions, secure blah blah.. and requested customers to login at their portal. Now comes the best part – I am already using online banking for past 3 years! Still I get one such email almost every 15 days. Obviously the email was a blinder, and was sent to every customer of ICICI Bank without any heed to wether he is already using online banking or not.

My question is this – How dumb one has to be to send such blinders? And keep sending them? If my email software is intelligent enough to recognise such mails as Bulk, how dumb the IT managers at ICICI Bank should be to not understand that? Seriously, does it takes that much amount of knowledge to understand a simple fact – that you are NOT supposed to spam your customers for using online banking if they have just checked it a day earlier, and have been doing it for last three years!

I think companies need to understand that sending junk to customer hurts your business in (atleast) three ways –
1. It irritates your customers, and kills their precious time.
2. It makes any subsequent promotional emails you send, less effective. Even if your next email contains some new scheme, product or service that you are providing, chances of my opening that email is getting lesser with every junk that you send.
3. It makes people write not so good words about your nompany on the internet media (blogs, emails, forums and groups).

You are spending millions on IT, all it takes a little bit of commonsense and a simple logic in your software code – just check the last login time of a customer before sending such blinders. The logic you have for free. So what are you spending the millions for? Commonsense? Huh!