Its certainly a red-letter day for stock market as sensex crossed the 10,000 mark today! I feel kind of emotional, my romance with sensex started when it was at 2800. I have always been optimistic – indexes the world over are anyway designed in a way that they can only go north in the longterm. I can still remember talking to Amit and Madhur at Webtek about the day sensex would touch 10,000. Only thing is, we didn’t know it would happen so soon. 🙂

No words for the people who are jumping in now, I anyway don’t give advice on stocks. I find investing a very personal affair, just like marriage. Its about perspective, its as much about wants as it is about needs. The stock best suited for me may not be worth a penny for you. So all I can give out today is good wishes – happy investing everyone! May SEBI become more watchful of the movements and may we become the most respected market in the world.

Still 8 years to go before 2014. Will we be 20k by then? Yes.