Holi Greetings! Finally I can say that. Last 15 days has been electric for us.

March 1st: Was when we launched a promo. Kickstarted by our vision of doing “something”, collective brainstorming, and finally setting up of a big hairy audacious goal – “Let everyone in CBR talk about us this Holi”.

Mar 15th: That is today as I write this, the promo is already a roaring success and going strong. When I look back at all that we did, I find that among the numerous factors, if there was one deciding factor that did the magic, it was drawing up a scheme that would appeal to the psychology of people here, and then executing it in record time.

Now to spare some words, I’ll let some pictures do the talking.Here is what the (normalised-to-base-month) sales graph had been at one of our stores prior to the promo.

Till Feb 28th,
Before Promo

Look at the sales in Oct and Aug. They have been the best months. And look at the Y-axis. Now, here is how the graph looks 15 days later.

March 15th.

After Promo
So, if you are in a consumer business, what can a well executed promo do for you? It can dwarf the best selling months, and cause a rescaling of axis in your sales chart 🙂
Btw, the graph is not complete as its been just half the month yet (and there is still 15 days of sales data to be added before March closes.)