Update 1: Someone emailed me an additional piece of info – http://del.icio.us was acquired in Dec 2005, eight months after they got venture funded. And it had just nine employees then. Backtrack eight months and it looks like they got funded sometime in May 2005. I will find out the exact dates, when del.icio.us was founded, and when work actually began on it, once I am through with the promo and get some free time.

But just a thought – if I assume it to be one-and-a-half years of work, (which is long time in internet business esp for social community sites like Delicious), before they got funded, then that makes it somewhere around Dec 2003.

Ok. Now I feel even more dejected. 😦 WorthALook (read the post below) was started in Christmas of Dec 2003. This is one coincidence that I am not able to feel happy about.

Update 2: Tomorrow is a BIG day. We will be seeing the results of our promotion. The stage is set. We don't know how much public will turn up. 100. 200. Maybe 300. Or maybe 500! Let's see. But since we've invited the C.O. I don't think there should be any security or administrative issues even if the turnout is huge. πŸ™‚