Checked out Ruby on Rails today. Looks good at the first sight. I wonder when we already had Java/J2EE, and LAMP then why we needed RoR? Ok, I think its a trade-off between development time and scalability. 

LAMP – utterly easy, quick hacks, good for most sites. (Including Sourceforge 🙂

RoR – bit complex, requires you to tie your database tables to class names, shallow copying is difficult etc.. Lacks the extensive libraries that PHP has. But its still evolving, and looks like the most productive RAD tool for web development. With time, the framework will mature, with more developer community joining in we will have more libraries as well. The best thing is the surprisingly low amount of code you need to write. For MVC, this is the easiest framework to code on.

J2EE – full blown heavy weight bull. Good for Walmart, Amazon, Yahoo etc. Unless you are one of them, or need scalability comparable to them, you can manage quite well with either LAMP or RoR.