Sometime back in Noida I had a chance to meet Nitin, my friend and batchmate from IIT. Nitin and Abhishek (whom we fondly call AVS) have recently bootstrapped their startup – DbyDx. (Ok, if the mathematician in you notices something in there – there is. The name.)

Three things I liked about them –

1. The name. DbyDx.

2. Their punchline – ‘Differentiating business with technology’. w-o-w! So much in line with the name, and so much in line with what they do.

And third, what Nitin said about the difference between the time when you are about to do a startup, and when you have just done it.

Pehley, when we were just starting: ‘Tab neend nahi aati thi ye soch kar ki kitna kuch karna hain.’ Now that we are on: ‘Ab itna kuch karna hain ki time nahi hain sochney ka, ki kitna kuch karna hain‘!

He has put it really simple – When you’re almost at the edge of an startup, you will have sleepless nights thinking about it. Once you start up, you will be too tired after a full days work to do anything but sleep sound.

I will be Noida this weekend, and I have every intention of catching up with him again.