1. Met Alok. Discussed a lot of things. He brings clarity and sanity to my life. I am proud to have a mentor like him šŸ™‚

2. Met Nitin, AVS and Kapil. It was great again talking to Nitin, and meeting AVS the first time after IIT. We discussed the kind of talent shortage IT sector in India is facing. It makes me to rephrase Paul Graham’s “Its the best time to be an entrepreneur” to suit present day Indian environment – “Its the best time to be an employee.” Have talent? Companies will find you out.

3. Met Niraj through Ashish. Niraj is a person with an idea. A good idea.

But there is a problem with ideas – Most ideas are good. Some are brilliant. Execution makes the crucial difference. Search was a good idea even in AltaVista age. And there were scores of search engines untill Google finally came.

If you are planning a startup, one of the issues you are likely to face is finding a partner.

Before deciding upon wether a you really have found the right fit, do take up important but contentitious issues –
1. The roles are less important. Discuss responsibilities.
2. Level of comittment. Its your brainchild, its likely that the other person will not have the same passion about it. Discuss and find out what really is his motivation to get into it.
3. Exit routes – What if one year down the line, one of you loose interest, or belief in the venture? What if one of you anyway want to go?
4. As the company grows its more likely that you will need someone more professionaly qualified to move in, esp at key positions. Are you/your partner willing to step down to a less “glamourous” role, because that is where the good of the company actually lies.

I believe, taking up these issues will help you before making that very crucial decision of partnership.

Btw, if you know someone who would like to build a potentially explosive company out of nothing but an idea -> approach Niraj. Via me or Ashish. Niraj is searching for a right fit to join at co-founder level. I would have loved to, but I have my own designs šŸ™‚