I was at my good old beautiful IIT Kanpur!

1. IIT-K has become more beautiful. A couple of new buildings surprised me. But most surprising was a sprawling piece of architecture we came across when we were walking towards the Director’s Residence. ‘Hall 1’, it read! ‘What! A new Hall1?’ Then we figured out, it actually was ‘Hall of Residence for Girls 1’. Relief.

Its Beautiful. Impressive!

2. Interacted with alumni of different batches. Most satisfying was the interaction with current students. Same energy, same enthusiasm, same insane dreams, same starry eyes! The will to do, a desire lust to succeed. And the same fears, the same concerns.. Nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing!

3. Spotted someone I knew very well. Twice. But..All in all, great to be in IIT K. The golden lights, beautiful trees, the breeze. Peace, tranquility. I just luv it there.