IIT K wins the Hockey finals 2-0. IIT K wins the Soccer finals 1-0. 🙂

And my throat gone soar cheering for them! The near-absence of audience when the home team was playing a final, that too on a Sunday, is I think really shameful. Someone needs to do serious thinking over it – including the Udghosh team. Its a marketing Failure. But let me not digress.

On the international cricket arena, India slams England first. (Flintoff might just be lamenting why he had to utter the few unwelcome words to Yuvraj. But that is what you get Flintoff, when you disrespect the game of a menancing player like Yuvraj.)

India beats South Africa to enter SemiFinals.

India slams Australia to enter Finals.

And today, India beats arch-rival Pakistan and lifts the 20-Twenty World Cup! 🙂

No match is small. Did you live every minute of it?

Winning is an attitude. You are a winner or you are not. Thats it. Results don’t change that fact. You are a winner or not, when you played the game.

At times I am appalled at the mindset of people. Two separate incidents (small ones) but ones that tell us a lot about the mediocrity that still grips the minds of many even 60 yrs after Independence.

One day before the Australia-India semifinals I caught one line of a conversation between two students in Hall 4. “India ney galat panga ley liya.. kuch bhi hota thik tha.., par Australia sey.. ” that was all I could hear before we crossed path. I felt like calling them back and shouting, “Saalon, Sher ho. Sher ki tarah baat karo.” Losers!

You think they would have felt elated when India slammed the Aussies? I doubt. Because while Indian Team won the match on field, these two had lost the game in their minds full one day before.

Tonight’s was a breathtaking match, the field ablaze. Final over, 13 runs to win. A guy next to me says, “India haar jaayegi..” he was worried for the last few overs. And now as Pak batsmen scored some big hits in three balls, he succumbed to pressure. This time I couldn’t help myself, I had to vent. “Sher ho. Sher ki tarah lado. Kis baat mein kisi sey kum ho kya?” “Nahi.” “To fir jeetney key liye khelo.”

Youth! At one of the best engineering colleges of India! What stops? Go and slog it out. Hit and hit hard. Results matter, but winning is NOT the results. Winning is the Attitude with which you played the game.

Enough Said.

Everyone associated with me in any remote way – Engrave these 3 letters on your mental framework.


Kudos also to Chak De, even before this movie was released I had a feeling that it was going to be a success. It was. And I had only hoped that may it inspire the many among us to rise and claim what is rightfully ours. It does seem to be have an impact – Aug 29, Football. India lifts the Nehru Cup for the first time beating Syria 1-0. Ten days later, Hockey. India beats South Korea 7-2 and retains the Asia Cup. Another 20 days and we have the ICC 20-Twenty World Cup now!!

Winning is an Attitude.

You win because you refuse to lose.